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Imagine endless savannas teeming with millions of wildebeest, towering boulders sprawling with tawny lions, and collapsed volcanoes brimming in mist. Imagine a place completely unaware of civilization where wildlife still reigns supreme. It is hard to believe a place like this still exists, but it does. It is called Tanzania. The first time I experienced this wilderness, it captured my soul. I felt compelled to share this experience with others. 

As other safari tour companies organized bustling caravans of minivans, packed with tourists, I saw them missing the true African wilderness experience. An alternative became apparent to me: The Private Safari. Group safaris and packaged tours meant unpleasant congestion, generic itineraries, and bickering clients with competing agendas. The value of a Private Safari became as obvious to me as a million thundering wildebeest. Wildlife-focused itineraries, personalized service, and off-the-beaten-path adventures quickly became hallmarks of Migada Adventures.

Mike G Ngoty


Tanzania is a land of contrasts and majesty..,
Africa at its most wild and unexplored.

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